Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy March Elder Ruelas!!

Whats up Mom!

Dad is getting closer to the temple isn't he!?!?! HAHA We are getting there. 

This week nothing really happened again. We did go to the temple on Wednesday! It was awesome!!!! That was the most peaceful that I have felt at the temple. It was the first time with just my comp and I and it was awesome! Every other time I have gone it is like some social party in the celestial room that just kills the spirit. This time I did not want to leave at all. We got in at like 10:15 and got out at 1:30. When I get home I want to go at least 4 times before I go to college. I prayed about going home early and I can't say that I have received an answer. I got yes and then I got no. I got to go home the last week in June, June 10th, or July 9th. I don't get it. I am still praying about it. Luckily my new companions birthday is in March so I get to go to the temple again. 

Other than the temple I was privileged to confirm the kid that I baptized 2 Sundays ago. He is one of the funniest kids ever. His sister gets confirmed in Spanish and I ask if he wants his in Spanish or in English. He looks at me and says "English, English would be Great!"  We also got back in contact with this family that we couldn't go see. We are gonna work as hard as we can with them. That family is super cool and needs the Gospel in their lives. 

I am staying in the same place for another 6 weeks. Its gonna be hard but I got a super cool companion.

You should send me a picture of the girls that just moved in. Plus are the girls 18 and about to graduate? C'mon mom you gotta do the digging for me since I am not home yet haha.

Well I gotta get going

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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