Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter week!

Whats up Mom!

So the new area I am in is called Wasco. It is a really small town but I really like it. It is an agricultural town with a whole bunch of Latinos. It feels just like home. I am in a ward that is having me do Bilingual work. It is weird teaching in English but I really like where I am at. 

It is good to hear that Dad made it home safely. Did he mention if missionaries went by?  Did Mari Cruz let the Sisters in? How is Texas? I AM ALMOST HOME!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! Right now I am in a 4 person Apartment and there are 2 brand new missionaries. It is fun being the oldest missionary! It took a while to get one of the missionaries to open up to me but I got him. He didn't know that I like to work first and then have fun so he thought I was super strict and all that but he is coming around. The week was pretty good. We found a really cool investigator. Then we found another new investigator that same day. She is pretty cool. Other than that the week was slow but I did get to know a lot of the members.

Easter Dinner was cool. We had it with an English family named the Slades. It was funny because the other missionaries were reminiscing about the pranks they pulled on each other the last transfer. My companion (Elder Thompson from Michigan) had a ton of pranks pulled on him. I need to toughen him up. If you have any ideas for pranks let me know and I will tell you how they go haha.

Well I gotta get going. 


Elder Ruelas

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