Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy 1st week in May:)

Whats up Mom!
I sent some pictures. Sorry you know I don't have patience to upload pictures haha. It is good to see Isabel is getting a whole lot bigger! I am SUPER excited to see her! I got the letter you sent me. Thank you! I put 2 of the pictures on my last planner! I can't believe I can say that! I have 10 weeks left!!!!!!! Next week I will be down to single digits! Yes I am trunky but don't worry I am working my butt off. 

So how was the Reunion? It is good to see that my Tios showed up and my Tia Ana. Did I get a shirt? My last one shrunk so it doesn't look that good anymore. Is anything crazy happening in the family? What all did you do at the reunion? Next year I am going no matter what.

So this week was kind of a slow week. We didn't find anybody new to teach but we had some really good lessons with our investigators. We set a baptismal date, then we had a Super good lesson with this lady. She knows that what we are teaching is true but she is saying that there is about 10% in her that doubts. I told her about you and how you are the backbone of the family that has gotten all of us to church and how dad is now little by little going to church. Thank you Mom for being that example to her too. Yesterday we had a lesson with our investigators that are full of questions and are doubting that God is real. We read Alma 32 with them and you could tell that they felt the Spirit. The questions they were asking were because they were feeling the Spirit. It was a really amazing lesson.

The members are really cool here. They have taught me how to make 3 leches! It is super good too! Last Monday night I hit a dog and it was crazy because we ended up setting a return date with the neighbors of the owners of the dog. Things happen for a reason.

Well time is running out mom I gotta get going. Pretty much 70 days left till I get home! I AM GOING HOME!!!!!!


Elder Ruelas
I learned How to make 3 leches

Spider Bulldog.....luckily it was chained up so it didnt go far haha

We got bored and decided to take a picture dressed as H-U-D-A rats

Its 1 of my piggy banks that I bought out here haha

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