Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy 2 months week:)

Whats up Mom,
Thanks for the pictures and the money. I am far away from any good shopping places to buy stuff haha. Don't worry mom I am trunky too. I am counting down the days. Mornings are hard but once 12 o'clock comes around we are out working like dogs just so I can keep my mind off of going home. 

This week was a pretty mellow week. We found 2 new investigators but most of our lessons got cancelled. We did have a super good lesson though with our 2 teenage investigators that are doubting if God is real. The spirit was there without a doubt and they even read what we left with them the time before. Their desire to go and find out for themselves is growing so much and now it just up to them to actually do something. We will see how it goes with them. Other than that nothing much really happened. Some members really wanted us to stay and watch the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight on Saturday. I REALLY wanted to stay and watch it too but I had to put my Trainer/District Leader pants on and say no. Man 2 Months and I can watch a boxing match, a basketball game, a soccer game without even feeling guilty anymore haha. There was also a Cinco de Mayo festival and parade on Saturday that was super cool. We went for a bit and handed out pass along cards but we couldn't stay for that long. 

So yes I did get the letters from Relief Society. I am letting my companion go first at like 3 or so. I figured since it is his first call home he can go first. I was thinking like a Honda Civic or something that is really good on gas. A truck will use up too much. Or I can take your Juke.... Has my car gotten sold yet? That thing needs to get sold.

Well I am gonna go now. 


Elder Ruelas

2 months and 4 days!!!!!!

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