Sunday, June 1, 2014

52 days and Counting:)

What's up mom!

So this week was kinda slow. We got our hopes up with this lady that stopped us. She was telling us how she was just going through a really rough time. She recently lost her husband and she said things went down from there. She was drinking a bit but she wanted us to say a prayer for her. We did and she grabbed our hands which was pretty funny. What was even funnier though was when we were saying the prayer she started to fall over and wouldn't let go of our hands. We kept her up though. We kept talking afterwards and we ended up walking her home so that she wouldn't go to the party. We get to her house and meet all of her kids. She has 13! They range from 20 to 3 months. Then she starts telling us how she wants her family to become more unified. She wants to be a better mother. Then she looked at us and said "Thats where you guys come in right?" Um YA! So we set up a return appointment cause we had to get home. We come back for the appointment and they were home but refused to open the door. That was probably the most exciting thing that happened this week. 

How is everything going at home? It has been SUPER hot here.  

I have one and a half Months till I get home!!!!!! Less than a month till my birthday!!!!! Can I buy a pair of sneakers for my birthday? haha

I gotta get going mom but I love you! Take care and I will find out Saturday if I am leaving or staying.

Elder Ruelas

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