Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 6th Week Elder Ruelas

Whats up Mom!
I just got my flight plans!!!!!!! I am gonna get home around 10 p.m.!!!!!!! I'M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont worry Mom I am not trunky!
Well this week was pretty good. Usually the last week of the transfer is the longest but this past week went by fast. We have been getting a ton of referals from the members so they are keeping us busy. I am not gonna lie though nothing much really happened. We got back in contact with 2 of our solid investigators only to hear that one of them was going to start working a 14 hour job. I did realize that one of the families in our area reminds me of us. The mom is super busy and has had to work a ton lately so she hasn't gone to church and if she doesn't go the rest of the family doesn't go. We are gonna start having Family Home evenings with them starting tonight to keep them going but I really like this family. There are 2 families here that I really like a ton.
So my comp and I are staying the same. I'm cool with that. We are gonna work our butts off this transfer. My last 2 companions have told me that the last 3 weeks are the hardest though. So he might have to drag me along those last 3 weeks, just joking, haha.
Well that's about it. Love you Mom!!!!
Elder Ruelas

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