Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 1 month left on your mission and Happy 21st Birthday week!!!!!

What's up Mom!

So the visit from the 70 went well? What was dads reaction? How come you didn't send a  picture to Elder Nelson, Elder Garns, Elder Martinez or Elder Nash? I wanted them to interrupt the meeting just for me haha! What did President Hansen saying about me? 

So this week was Pretty good. We had 2 really good lessons with our investigators who ended up accepting a baptismal date for July 5th! (MY 2 YEAR MARK!!!!!!!) We were super pumped after Elder Nelson came and he spoke to us. What I really liked about what Elder Nelson said is that they don't judge how successful a mission President is by how many baptisms they had when they were President, they judge by how many of their missionaries go to the temple to get sealed with their families. That brought peace to my heart.  It truly is about conversion. Then he taught us about our lineage. How we are truly decedents from the 12 tribes of Israel. That helped me understand a part of my Patriartical Blessing. I started studying that topic and I have learned so much about the blessings God has given all of us. It's all there in the scriptures we just need to look. Then Elder Nelson talked about how we truly were chosen to stay in Heaven for this time. To come here at this time and fulfill proficy about the gospel being spread through out the world. His whole talk basically got me to think "Have I been doing that in my mission?" Everybody else was saying that they were going to do the things he was saying but not me. I kept asking myself that question. I am still asking that question. The best part of his visit was the promise he left us. I couldn't write it all down but the 1 thing that did catch my attention more than anything was that he said that we will learn the things we need to know to bring the gospel to our Family and Friends back home. That was truly an answer to my prayers. My entire mission I have felt that that was all I was doing. I wasn't helping anybody but I was still learning a lot. I felt like the things that I was learning wasn't helping anybody here. Then I started to ask for help to take what I learn and be able to help others back home. Then when he said that I was like "YES!" That isn't a bad thing to ask for. Overall it was a super great lesson. 

I got your package. Thank you! I appreciate it. I am giving all of the candy to my roommates though haha. I need to lose weight! I also got a letter from My Aunt Debbie today. 

Anyways I gotta get going.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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