Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy 2 weeks left this coming Wednesday:)


Dang this week was a crazy week! Lets just say that I am glad I get home in 2 weeks. Can you believe it though?  2 and a half weeks. Next Monday I have 10 days left! I remember when I was barely out and thought  "Can I do this for 2 years?" Wow! Lets just say that I am super greatful for my Savior Jesus Christ because I would have not been able to complete my mission without his help.

Hey so today I bought 2 new shirts and a watch online from JC Pennys. I am planning on taking all of my old shirts, my old pants, my sheets, towel, and pillow to Goodwill. I am just taking home the new shirts, my suit, shoes, and clean ties.

So this week was a really good week. We found a ton of new investigators. We found a father and a son and they are both really interested. They even came to church. That was super nice since we haven't had a single investigator show up since I got here. Then we found a husband and a wife that are going through family problems. The wife is really interested but is going to another church and the husband is semi interested since he works a ton. What is really nice is that they are friends with and live right across the street from a really super cool and strong family from church. Their kids always go over to the members house because they say that it feels different there. The best part of the lesson was how at the end, the wife asked us what chapter in the Book of Mormon gives good advice on how to be a better parent. We had already given her Mosiah 2 and we told her we would let her read that chapter and come back with another chapter that would give her more answers to her prayers. The next 2 was a Mother and Daughter and it was mainly the mom asking a ton of questions. She was asking questions like why does God allow so much suffering to occur and how does a divorced family get sealed. What happens to the kids that belong to a different dad. She was a bit more challenging but what was nice is that she is related to another strong member family. We had the son with us and he answered some questions. The 2 teens that came out with us really impress me. I know that I wasn't anything like them. I wasn't that willing to go out with the missionaires and didn't know as much as them. They are gonna be really good missionaries.

So did dad sell the car? How is dad doing? How is everyone doing? What is my niece up to? Tell that booger I will be home soon.

Well mom I believe that is it that happened this week. 2 weeks!!!!!!

Love you

Elder Ruelas

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